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.   Electricity

Honduras has an installed capacity of 433 megawatts of hydroelectric energy and 409 megawatts of thermo electric energy.

ENEE (National Electric Company) supplies the park with a total voltage supply of 10,000 K.V.A s through an especially designed power distribution system. Internally, there is easy access to 110, 220, and 480 volts.

Additionally, the park is a partner in ELCOSA, a privately owned energy company, created to supply its product specifically to Free Zones, selling its remaining energy to the ENEE. The plant produces 80 megawatts of thermoelectric energy.

  Communication Services.

The park has lines available for telephone, telefax and dedicated internet services. Direct dialing is available to all countries. In order to provide a secure and better service to our tenants, all electrical and communication installations are underground. A new conection to the maya and arcos ocean cable via fiber optics is available. For voice and data communications.

  Water supply and sewage systems

ZIP CHOLOMA has abundant water supply, as well as drainage, sewage systems and a WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT. The park also owns water wells which supply high-quality and plenty of water for industrial and human consumption at a current rate of 1500 gallons per minute, with the availability to increase it if necessary.

Streets within the park are wide and especially designed for heavy trailer and container traffic.


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