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Zip Choloma
, the surrounding cities and villages have a population of nearly 600,000 inhabitants with a labor force of approximately 280,000. Unemployment is estimated at around 35% for the area. Additionally, a great number of workers travel daily to San Pedro Sula and would prefer being employed in the Choloma Area.
Transportation to site:

Public transportation links the Park to San Pedro Sula and surrounding towns through a 4-lane highway.


Work Shifts:

Day shift (8 hrs):44 hours X week
Mixed shift (7 hrs):42 hours X week.
Night shift (6 hrs.) 36 hours X week

Fringe Benefits:

Social Security, health and maternity, disability, old age, and benefits, INFOP training school.


There are 11 paid holidays per year, even if they fall on a Sunday:

January 1st
April 14th
Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Easter Sunday.
May 1st
September 15th
October 3rd 12th, 21st and
December 25th

Christmas Bonus:

One month salary, if employed a full year; proportional if less than 12 months.

Labor costs in ZIP CHOLOMA are among the most competitive in the Western Hemisphere, since foreign currency can be freely exchanged in the local private banks and exchange houses.


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