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Honduras is located in the heart of Central America and covers an area of 112,492 square kilometers (43,433 S.q. Miles.), about the size of Maryland. It is approximately 1000 miles southeast of the United States, two hours by plane and 2 1/2 to 4 days by ship from any of the main U.S. southern ports of entry. Spanish is the official language, but English is the most widely used second language

The population of 6.5 million is growing at a rate of about 3.6% annually. Labor is abundant, diligent, trainable and low cost. The highest priority has been given to job creation through the rapid development of non-traditional export industries. Special legislation and incentives have been created to encourage the private construction and operation Of Free Zones (FZs).

  • Great growth potential in apparel, footwear, pharmaceuticals, plastics, electronics, furniture manufacturing and labor Intensive Industries in general.
  • Five major ports including Central America's largest and most efficient Atlantic coast port, Puerto Cortes.
  • Four international airports
  • A modern, paved highway system connecting all major cities with all ports and airports.
  • Quick turnaround time because of proximity to the U.S.


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